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5x1 Automatic HDMI Switch

With fully Automatic, Push Button and IR source selection these very affordable HDMI switches will provide seamless integration for Standard and High Definition source devices.

The Octava HDS5-UK is proving very popular with our many customers who own Displays, TV's and Projector's with a single HDMI Input socket.

Designed with many well thought out features these units are a breeze to install and configure in your Home Theatre or AV system.

Key Features:

HDMI Input - supports 1080p video, Deep Color, lossless HD audio and is backwards compatible with first generation HDMI equipment.

3D compatible - we've tested this switch with
Blu-ray 3D and SKY+ HD 3D.

Smart SCAN - will Automatically select the newest Active source and Output it to your Display*.

Clear EYE - ensures your Source signals arrive at your Display in pristine condition.

Energy Smart - reduce power consumption when the connected Display is in standby.

*Note - some Source devices have 'always on' HDMI ports and can defeat the Smart SCAN feature.

Installer friendly:

Discrete IR codes - simplifies integration with your Programmable remote or Control system.

LED On/Off - dim the Source indictor LED when viewing in the dark.

Credit Card remote - small form factor remote with discrete buttons for all major functions.

Front Toggle - quickly select any one of your HDMI equipped Sources.

Front IR socket - connect the optional Octava supplied IR Receiver cable where you wish to install the unit out of sight.

Technical Support - we offer full Pre and Post sales technical support to aid you in planning and configuring your HDMI equipped system.

Availability - In Stock

Price - £94.95 (+£9.05 Next Day delivery)

In the box -
1 x Switch
1 x Credit Card style remote
1 x Install Guide

1 x UK PSU

Options -
1 x Octava IR RCCV cable + £10.00

Installation Resources

We provide a range of Software and Installation tips and Resources for our DIY and Professional installer customers covering System planning, HDCP management, EDID management, IR control and RS232 integration.

Approved Installers

If you require an Approved Octava installer to undertake a Residential or Commercial Installation please contact us and we will introduce you to one of our Approved Installers.

System Planning

If you require assistance planing out your Residential or Commercial connectivity plan please e-mail your requirements and we will provide a proposal and technical overview.

Technical Support

If you require assistance connecting, integrating or configuring your Octava Switch, Distribution or Extender gear please e-mail or call 07831 595 828.

Trade Sales

Custom Installers, In-store Resellers, On-line Resellers and Trade Suppliers are invited to e-mail for a Trade Reseller or Integrator account.


Please e-mail your Name, Address and a Contact number and we will contact you by return to organise delivery and payment details.


Office - 01968 661 803 (Mon-Fri)
Mobile - 07831 595 828
E-mail - sales

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