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HDMI Distribution (Splitter)

HDMI is the High Definition capable interconnect for DVD, HD DVD, Blu-ray and Broadcast Digital Video signals.

Many of our customer require to either:

A. Distribute (Split) one or more HDMI equipped sources to Two or more Displays around their home.


B. Share one or more HDMI equipped sources with both a Flat Panel Display and a Projector in their Cinema room.

We have a range of HDMI Distribution and signal 'Splitting' solutions to suit all budgets and system requirements.

All of these solutions have been tried and tested in real world installations - please ask if you have a unique connectivity conundrum your require help with; we can pre plan and pre test all manner of switching and distribution combinations.

HDMI Distribution - 1x2

HDMI Distribution - 1x3

HDMI Distribution - 1x4

HDMI Distribution - 1x8

HDMI Distribution - 2x2

HDMI Distribution - 2x4

HDMI Distribution - 2x8

HDMI Distribution - 3x2 (Cross switch)

HDMI Distribution - 4x2

HDMI Distribution - 4x4 (Matrix)

As Home Entertainment systems and Audio Visual technologies converge we are well placed to satisfy the demands of these two markets.

With fifteen years experience in designing, installing and utilising Audio Visual systems and an in depth knowledge of the latest Home Entertainment products we can provide our customers with the best advice, technology and installed systems.

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